El Roi: "The God Who Sees"
We aim to SEE the most basic needs of the children who come into our care, and meet them. Every child deserves a safe place and nurturing environment in which to grow. We extend this most basic right beyond the minimal and aspire that all our children thrive physically, emotionally, mentally, nutritionally, and spiritually. 
Welcome to our Home:
Our home is registered with the Department of Social Development and may provide care for up to 12 infants and toddlers between the ages of 0-4. All children are admitted via SAPS or a social worker in accordance with
a court order in terms of the Children's Act. Our children are looked after by a full-time house mother and  care-givers. We also have an operations manager and social worker on staff.



Our Story

Our story begun 12 years ago with a simple dream given, followed by a house given....the result, The Baby House.

We are a Registered Child and Youth Care Centre and Christian NPO who offers a place of safety, care and love to abandoned little ones that come into our care. 

In 2016, Genesis Trust took over the management of the baby home in partnership with Doxa Church.  With this new partnership came a new name.  The EL Roi Baby Home! El Roi meaning "The God who sees".

He surely has! Our "house" became a "home" to our Care Givers and babies with a complete House makeover project in March 2017.

He has surely lavished His incredible goodness and love on El Roi through local businesses and generous individuals for which we are truly, eternally grateful.  Our little ones and hardworking Care Givers are so deserving of it all.  More than ever we are convinced that the dream given 12 years ago is still the dream we have today.... to better the lives of every person who enters El Roi in every possible way.

Frequently asked questions

May I adopt a baby via El Roi Baby Home?

No! El Roi Baby Home is not an adoption agency. Anyone interested in adoption must go through a proper agency and the department of social welfare.

What are the requirements to volunteer at El Roi?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! Because we are dealing with small and at-risk children we require the following of all of our volunteers: 1. Police Clearance and background check 2. Medical Clearance 3. Interview with our OM and social worker

How Can I Help?

Thank you for being willing to come along side us and help! You may get involved in the lives of our children in the following ways: 1. Volunteer 2. Sponsor an outing 3. Finacial Partnership 4. Prayer Partnership 5. Donation of every day needs (contact us for more info)

How do I adopt or foster a baby?

All adoptions and foster care must go through a social worker. If you are interested in fostering or adopting the first step is find a social worker and get screened as suitable foster/ adoptive parents. You can either utilize the local Child Welfare Office or find a private social worker. Once you are screened suitable the social worker will then match you with a child according to your requirements and preferences, this may or may not be a child at El Roi it will be the first available child in need. After you have been matched with a child you will undergo a visitation process to meet the child and start bonding, the length of the visitation is dependent on the age of the child. If you and the child have bonded well and the social worker, you, and the child are happy with the match a court date will be booked. You then appear before the Childrens Court and an order will be issued placing the child in your care. This is very brief overview of the process and if you would like more detailed infomation, advice, or referrals' please contact our social worker at kirsty@genesiscentre.co.za.

What is the difference between Foster care and Adoption?

Adoption is when you are granted all legal parental rights regarding a child. You are the legally recognized guardian of the child and in the eyes of the law it is as if the child was born to you. Foster Care is being granted custody of a child. The High Court of South Africa retains guardianship regarding the child and you are the custodian.This means all day to day care of the child is yours and you are required to meet all the basic needs of the child concerned. However, all major decisions i.e leaving the country or major surgery, lie with the Childrens Court. Foster Care is aslo monitored by a social worker.


Roxanne Dicken

Operational Manager



Social Worker



House Mother


How You Can Help!
As a non profit organization El Roi relies heavily on the donations from outside churches, individuals, families, and businesses. Whether it is donations of money or meeting the everyday practical needs of our babies, any help goes a long way. The size and quantity of the products does not matter. We are grateful for anything you can donate.
The “Sponsor a child” program will assist us to raise the
finances that we need to holistically care for the children.
Please consider helping us in our program and click the "
Sponsor a child" button and complete
the form for us.

Roxanne Dicken

+27 39 682 1448

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Port Shepstone, South Africa

We are always so grateful to each and every person who kindly donates things we are so in need of and even those Things that we did not even realize we needed

If we could please take this opportunity to make people out there aware of our most dire needs at present:


- Monthly Baby Formula

- Pampers / Huggies /

Nappies in all sizes

- Baby toiletries

- Groceries (Milk, Meat, Porridges,

Rice, Pasta, Tinned food)

- Clothes (2-3 yr old girls /

1-3 yr old boys)

- Educational toys (large puzzles /

paint /play dough etc)

- Garden playground plastic

- Shade for outside play area

We would be so grateful to each and every person who assists us in making these innocent little souls lives a bit better.

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 - FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, but the greatest of these is LOVE.