The Foundation

The History

The Growth

The Foundation

Although Genesis is a registered trust with its own books, it falls under the covering of the Norwegian Settlers Church (NSC). The bulk of the donors, specifically international churches, have come on board through a relationship with NSC. NSC does not derive any financial benefit from this relationship, as 100% of the monies donated are utilised to fulfill the mission of the Genesis Trust.

Many of these partnerships go beyond financial assistance and extend to regular visits from volunteer teams and individuals. These partnerships support the work done by NSC, the Genesis Trust, and the surrounding community. 

The History

The Genesis Trust is a registered non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation. It was founded in 2002 as an outreach project of the Norwegian Settlers Church (NSC), to serve people affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty. The mission was to take, "the church," out of the four walls of a building into the hurting local community. The community of people living in the rural suburbs surrounding the church was the starting point of Genesis.

At the time local hospitals experienced bed availability shortages, and were in need of step-down/hospice facilities.The contribution of land from the church, generosity of individuals, and a registered board of trustees, established The Genesis Care Centre May 2005. 

The Growth

Tragically, at the same time, a ripple effect from HIV/AIDS was taking place in the community where child-headed households, unemployment, poverty and crime were running rife. A series of community projects have steadily grown from strength to strength.

The first, new structure, community project opened in April 2014 as the Marburg Community Centre. It is located across from the Genesis Care Centre. It houses the Marburg and Live It Gyms, along with several other community enhancement projects. 

Genesis community projects are currently located on the property of NSC, in the communities of NSC, Merlewood, Murchison, Mahlabathini, Kwanzimakwe, Shelly Beach and Lamberts Bay.

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