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In recognizing that it is unrealistic to believe that sponsorship for the various ministries of Genesis will never dry up, the Genesis Trustees appointed Joléne Bester-Vujevic to explore ways and means of sustaining the various ministries so that it would not have to rely on donations or government assistance alone. To do that the ministries first and foremost have to be placed on a sound financial footing and awareness and recognition of the work they do in our communities promoted. Secondly the Trust would embark on projects aimed at sustaining each of the ministries in a responsible and guided manner.

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How to assist:
Benefactors can provide support, in the form of advice and their financial expertise and resources, to strengthen the various ministries, with particular emphasis on labour-intensive projects requiring operational funds.

The Lower South Coast with its very moderate coastal winters and beautiful beaches has traditionally been a haven for retirees wanting to settle down in less crowded yet fully serviced villages and towns. While this has seen the growth of retirement villages all along the Coast, the need for frail care facilities has likewise increased, particularly for the elderly requiring special care.  It is often difficult and expensive to accommodate persons presenting with dementia and more specifically, Alzheimer’s disease.


This need of our communities coincides with the need of the Genesis Trust to find ways of sustaining those ministries of ours that rely partly or wholly on the financial support of our overseas friends and fellow-Christians, such as the Genesis Care Centre, our step-down hospice facility. Abutting the Norwegian Settlers Church grounds, there is a magnificent piece of land overlooking the ocean, one which is ideally situated in terms of distance to medical and hospital care, shopping and other facilities. This land is available to the Genesis Trust and it made sense to utilize it for our two sustainability projects.


The first is the building of and establishment of a Special Care home for persons presenting with dementia and in particular, Alzheimer’s. The plans have been drawn and the land cleared for two upmarket, medically-approved units that will accommodate twenty residents. It is to be a welcoming home with gardens, verandas and parking area for visitors. Residents or their family members will be required to pay for the facility and the profit generated is to be used to sustain the Charis House, which is a non-paying facility.

Again, the profit realized by the Village would be used to sustain projects that currently rely solely on the kindness of donors.

Genesis Special Care Home building plans

The need for self-sustainablity




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